Looks like Zelda, Plays like Zelda, NOT Zelda..Oceanhorn review


Alright everyone,

Time for Pure Playz first app review! And guess what? No better way to kick off the review of by far one of the most historic games ever to hit the app market. (Bold words for our first review)

Here is the deal, apps and mobile gaming is the “future” of gaming, and for a while I think the market has hit a plateau of sorts, that is of course until I was immersed in a beautiful world full of color, game-play that was deep, and a story-line that was impressive, not only for mobile devices but could rival console gaming. I harp on this because I am excited, ecstatic, and yes impatient, for the current mobile gaming market to become everything that I know it can be!

Battle through several exciting dungeons!

Battle through several exciting dungeons!

Cornfox&Bro, and FDG have made a masterpiece in “Oceanhorn: Monster of the uncharted Seas” For starters the beginning scene is that of an older wise traveler leaving a journal for his son, and protagonist of the story (you). He speaks of a violent past in which he lost his wife (your mom) and how he must go on a journey to protect you. Enter you a wide eyed pre-teen rearing for adventure! Grab your sword and your shield and be ready to battle all sorts of creatures in an exciting world full of mystery, dungeons, puzzles, and adventure. The game starts you off on a pretty much deserted island (aside from an older man who essentially becomes your mentor and a few badies you get to slice up.) This is more or less how the ecosystem of the game works, you can travel by ship to various island, many of which include towns with shops, as well as dungeons for you to explore. Traveling from one island to another is yet another thing that Cornfox&Bro nailed creatively. Instead of hitting you with a plain load screen, they have made sailing into a great mini game of sorts allowing you to collect items, shoot bombs at barrels that block your way, battle sea monsters ect. Oh the creativity!

Intense and exciting action!

  Intense and exciting action!

Graphics: 5 out of 5

No this isn’t Zelda and you are not playing on a Wii, it is indeed an iphone. It is easy to confuse the games, especially in this area. Graphics are colorful and crisp. Easily one of the top gaming graphics on the IOS market.

Gameplay: 5 out of 5

Want a thrilling adventure and multiple hours of gameplay (around 10hrs) in the palm of your hands? Want something interesting to do with out the repitiion of a pick and play? With monsters to battle and dungeons to explore, you can lose yourself in this world!

Sounds: 5 out of 5

A peaceful rhythm plays in the background as you explore this universe, to go along with great voice acting during cut scenes give this game some added flare.

Controls: 5 out of 5

I know that one of the larger concerns about a mobile game are the controls, well not anymore. Cornfox&Bros have figured out a way to master the controls on this game, the virtual game pad causes no problems at all. Movement is responsive and the action button works perfectly.

Price: 5 out of 5 

Don’t worry a higher score means that it is an affordable price. $8.99 for a game that can rival those which can be found on consoles, is not a bad deal at all, the beautiful thing no IAP’s (in app purchases)

Overall Score: **PURE GENIUS** (5 out of 5)

Look by now you should know this game is unlike any other game on the IOS. If you want a peek at the future of mobile gaming then you need to download this game. Oceanhorn will keep you enthralled in dungeons, puzzles, and an epic story-line for hours.


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