Fallback Friday: Fun Forever? Run Forever! Rayman Jungle Run….


Whats up gamer’s, its time for our mythical, magical, marvelous new segment : Fallback Fridays. In this brilliant new segment, we want to review IOS games that were created some time ago (Normally more than a year ago but there will always be exceptions) We hope to review games that have stood the test of time, and that always keep us coming back for more.

Rayman: Jungle Run Review


Everyone remembers jammin’  Rayman into your N64 and wasting countless hours of your life playing this game, and guess what if your were that person, I have GREAT NEWS! While this game is an auto-run game, it goes further than that. Running is not all you do in this fast paced, addicting game. For starters there are quite a few worlds that you play in, all together you get to run in 5 worlds, each world containing 10 maps (that is including a bonus map in each world). Rayman is on an adventure to collect all of the Lums that are scattered on each map. Lums are the little yellow *snitch* looking creatures, and there are 100 hundred of them on each map. If you are a completionist like me you will spend countless hours trying to get each and every last one of them (and an extra map is unlocked every time you catch all 100 Lums on at least 5 of the maps) . Rayman truly challenges gamers with maps that are constantly changing. There is always something new excited happening in this game it seems that a new challenge is presented on every single one of the 50 playable levels. How good can an auto run game be? Glad you asked because this is where Ubisoft really set the bar. Most auto run’s you are practically limited to jumping, but the Ubisoft team was able to add depth to the game by letting you unlock skills per world that you visit. These skills (no I won’t spoil them) each help add unique diversity to the levels that you play in. In one instance you may need to jump, then use a skill, then climb, then use a skill, all in a specific order to collect all the Lums. Skills truly set this game apart from any other auto run out there.


AS if I havent said enough about the game, the reason we feel that Rayman Jungle Run has such high replay-ability is because each map has a timer, so for gamers with lightening fast responses you can keep trying over and over and over again to crush that fastest time record you previously set. Rayman is fun for all ages and it would be a shame to let this game go any longer without giving it a try!

Graphics: 5 out of 5

Do your eyes get sore from looking at ugly things? Well I have the cure! This game is absolutely beautiful. Colors splash objects move, things collide, and its all in 2D. Ubisoft certainly nailed the design and graphics on this gorgeous game.

Gameplay: 5 out of 5

Waiting in line at the store? Waiting for your gas tank to fill up? Tired of waiting for the theater movie to start? Rayman Jungle Run solves all of those problems. Not only can you pick this game up for 30 seconds at a time but you can also feel really accomplished in that time too, catching all the Lums isn’t easy and there is a great sense of accomplishment when you do.

Sounds: 3 out of 5

The sounds throughout the game are just as bright as the beautiful backdrop in which the game takes place. Rayman has sounds that “pop” right out of the speakers, and the 4 songs that are on the game are pretty catchy. Yes….that’s right 4 songs. I have sunk many hours into this game and as catchy as the tunes are, I had to mute it after about thirty minutes of hearing the same thing over and over again.

Controls: 5 out of 5

The controls on this game are spectacular. You cant find a more responsive game, and i never experienced any lag issues or encountered issues when I needed to press buttons rapidly, and multiple times.

Price: 4 out of 5 

$1.99 is a great price for the number of hours that you will undoubtedly sink into it. There are extra skins, characters, and levels that you can buy for an added price, but its certainly nothing that takes away from the gaming experience.

Overall Score: **PURE GENIUS** (4.4 out of 5)

Quick, beautiful and fun, this game is easy to play, low cost, and it keeps you coming back for more (after all this game was released in September of 2012). You should definitely download this game! It is certainly worth it, and we think you will be more than satisfied, running with your old pal Rayman.


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