Embrace your inner Sensei….Clumsy Ninja Review

photo 2 (1)

As a former black belt myself (starting this post off with a lie), I have come to appreciate art forms that allow you to become a better karate master. In this game you can become a Sensei (kind of) and you help your “clumsy” ninja train. As you train your ninja, he/she eventually gets better and better at…you nailed it…..karate. Many people will enjoy this game, the ninja, for all intents and purposes, is a cute little guy that reacts to whichever way you swipe the screen. There were many times when I accidentally swiped my finger across the phone quickly which sent my Ninja flying across the environment, so I tried not to do that to many times because I felt bad, but then there were also those times when I really just wanted to throw something, and I picked him. (Don’t worry I felt remorse afterwards).

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There are many ways to train your ninja, from jumping on a trampoline, to kicking a punching bag and ect., each of these things give your ninja experience points and with those you can level up and your ninja is less clumsy. There are unlockable items, belts, outfits, gear other what not that can all be purchased with patience!!!!! (or with real money, but come on just wait for like a week!) At the end of the day there are several fun activities for you to do with your Ninja such, purchasing balloons and tying them to your ninja to watch him float, ect. however I  was just bored with it after about 15 mins of playing. This game will be great for some, but for those that want a deeper game, this one isn’t for you.

He is the real sensei

He is the real sensei

Overall Score: **Smart** (3.5 out of 5)

This game will keep many people entertained for a good long while, however if you are like me and want something different, then it won’t. While there are many fun “goals” for you to accomplish, it just feels to repetitive. It is nice that the game is free on the app store, but the in app purchases are pretty large. The graphics are great and the controls are responsive! If you just want a quick smile or have some sort or weird ninja obsession (which is totally different from my Batman obsession) Then check this game out.


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