Smash Bandits Review….(kind of a wreck)


I am pedal to the metal for games that are innovative, creative, and new….no doubt about it. Smash Bandits seems like it has all the makings for something like that, something new, fun and exciting, yet if falls flat. I think there are many mobile gamers are out there  hungry for something that involves the same mechanics and gameplay as Burnout or Twisted Metal (Man do I miss those games) but this isn’t it. Smash Bandit is a game in which you are tasked with staying away from the cops, and causing as much mayhem as possible. While hightailing it from the popo the environment destructible and it is your job to destroy as many things as possible and the larger the object you destroy the higher your TV ratings go, thats right TV ratings. You are being filmed by a sky copter and you have to keep the audience’s attention or else they will get bored and watch the 50th rerun of Everybody Love Raymond.  In the game you are given a vehicle, you can buy different vehicles (there isnt a huge selection), upgrade the vehicle and buy power-ups. (Some cost real money, which is a bummer) Smash Bandits does try and add a cool flare to the game by adding the A-Team van and even add a mini storyline (ish) to the game.

photo 5 (1)

The real issue I have with the game is the fact that you have to play vertically the whole time. (gives the game some sort of cheap feeling to me)  To add to the strange positioning of the phone, the whole control system seems gimmicky. You have to hold the accelerate button down then swipe my finger in the direction I want my car to go, it just doesn’t make hitting objects fun or easy. (You hit many objects in the game, just not the ones you want) The game seems shallow and I didnt really want to play it more than 10 mins, but if you are a completionist there is plenty of things to do.

"I pity the" people that play this game

“I pity the” people that play this game


Mediocre graphics, Sketch Controls, Shallow Gameplay, and IAP’s hamper what could have been a really fun game idea. While there is some fun to be had for some of you, i feel that most should not waste the space on Smash Bandits.

photo 4 (2) photo 3 (2)


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