Just in case you missed it, play this game…..Dead Trigger 2 review

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First it was pirates, then it was vampires, and now the new fad? ZOMBIES, Zambies, Zambinos. Are you craving to play a game that will give you a zombie killing rpg experience at the palm of your hands? Are you tired of dreaming of which character you would be on The Walking Dead ? Do you just want extra practice for the Zom-pocalyspe? Then Dead Trigger 2 is your game! While no, this game won’t give you “cut-throat” decisions to make like in our beloved zombie tv series, and no you won’t actually learn any true “survival skills”, you will have a blast playing this game! DT2 does run back the same tried and true story line, there are zombies and you have to kill them but thats ok, because thats what we want. You play this game in first person, going along in corridor type fashion (in most cases), blasting and hacking “biters” to death. (or re-dead, dead again? Not sure)

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DT2 is not only an on rails shooter type of game either, there are specific mini-game missions you can play, such as, sniping zambini’s that are trying to take over your home base, this creates a fresh take to keep the players interest.

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Killing zombies and running through a map, definitely left me feeling like I was playing “BLOPS”(Black Ops) Zombie games, which was a pretty cool feeling, though they have indeed created a port for mobile. While on the missions “walkers” will drop cash that you can use to upgrade weapons, make health boosts, and even upgrade the level of all the people that make your gear in the game.(don’t forget ‘dem nades!) I personally love this rpg element, it gives the game good depth, and makes me go back for more. Look, after all is said and done, you have to give it to Unity (Madfinger) for delivering another truly excellent game here one that will quickly become a classic. Another factor that adds to the glory of this game, the graphics. Nothing feels better than running up to a zombie and bashing them in the face with a wrench than with a clear, crisp view.

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Controls you ask? DT2 has a system that really has it down pat, instead of trying to move and shoot and aim with a virtual stick and button all at the same time, the geniuses at Unity went with a simpler system that paid off, for this game you simply move with a virtual stick and aim. While this control scheme takes away from the ability to use scope weapons (kind of) it really nails it from a different perspective, and that is simplicity. One downfall to the game are the IAP’s. No it absolutely doesn’t affect the gameplay too horrifically, but there are times when you wish your upgrades were done immediately,instead of having to wait, but other than that no biggie, you can also buy cool things like extra money drops, extra damage ect. if you willing to fork over the real dough for it.  If you are thirsty for a zombie packed adventure, then you should definitely give this game a try.

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4.8 **Pure Genius**

 Dead Trigger 2 is a great game made in the absolute perfect time. Splendid graphics, streamlined easy to use controls, fun hack and shoot gameplay, makes this game worth the space, and worth the time it takes to download it.


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