Lawless Review….A crime to play

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Guns, Chicks, Ammo, Money, this game has all the potential in the world, yet Lawless still manages to un-impress. Love playing Time Crisis 3 in the arcade? Well that is exactly what the game plays like. (For the most part). Look, I loved Time Crisis, however I was like 12 and there was a much larger screen and also a toy gun, in this game you just point and shoot. It is honestly the same controls as Time Crisis save for a couple of bells and whistles that lawless adds in. Some of the perks in game were things like purchasing cool new guns, (They have a whole host) there is a leveling system and perhaps the coolest of all the treats is the fact that you can actually play with a crew. In the game you are new to the streets and you have to kill your way to the top. As you go on in the game you earn money to buy things as I mentioned before, and then you can hire members of your crew.(This let’s all the wanna-be-gangsta’s out there become truly hardened criminals)  A crew member may posses different abilities for instance, one may heal you in battle, and another member of your crew may throw grenades at enemies ect.; there is also a buddy system in which you can partner up with another real person and battle together. (We haven’t delved into this aspect, and pretty for sure that it is just like having an NPC play but for the fact the name is different and the person may be better equipped.)

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The in game graphics are probably one of the brightest spots in the game. Taking cover reloading, and shooting at the enemies look pretty cool, and there are some great sounds to go along with the game. The game also tries to grab players interest by adding special objectives, such as kill enemies in under a minute or only use this type of weapon, which are pretty challenging feats, however I still can’t get past how boring it was because of the control scheme. I guess that is where this game falls short for me, is the fact that the duck and cover system is to simplified to…uncreative and uninspired. I want to be able to move around freely from checkpoint to checkpoint and not press one button on the screen and auto run to that point. Another bummer about this game is the IAP’s. From the get go I saw that there were several guns that I wouldn’t be able to use unless I spent a huge amount of time on this game, or spent straight cash (homey). I feel that there could be a better way to do that instead of this system. While this game is not all that it could be, I’m sure someone out there will enjoy it.

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**Average** (3)

Lawless does make a few attempts at putting a fresh spin on an old game, add on great graphics, and great sound, and you have a game that might keep you interested for a bit. However for every good thing this game does I feel that it is equally if not more, held back.


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