Want an Indie game that will trip you out? Check out this one!

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Are you a hipster and proud of it? Are you a normal person looking for something fresh, exciting, or new? Do you want to play something that will appeal to your senses? (Minus taste&smell, weirdo) If you fit into any of those categories or just want to try something new out, then try out this game!

When I first opened up Melodive I was a little confused, though there were instructions at the beginning of the game I still wasn’t quite sure about the overall point to it. I actually think that was the purpose though. Melodive has a very free spirited feel to it, it let the player figure it out on their own. I personally loved it. For those of you driven by a need for a purpose in the game, don’t worry, because there is one. In Melodive you collect tiny colorful pieces (which are amazing to look at) called Melodium. Once the Melodium is collected musical beats will begin to play, this was one of the more creative ideas that I have come across in a while. I was addicted to not only the amazing colors and great 3d graphics, but the fact that I was adding beats and rhythms to the gameplay when I was playing had me hooked.

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Melodium offers 3 different modes to play in, Free mode (which trust me you will want to do if you are a beginner) In this mode touching the “ground” (I like to call them asteroids) won’t make you end that round like it will in arcade mode. In Arcade mode it’s just like I described except contact with the ground will end you turn. (The point is to try and to collect as much Melodium as possible. The third mode is Arcade mode except on ‘roids. (much faster!) The controls are definitley tricky to get used to, which hindered my gamplay experience quite a bit, but once you get hooked you will get used to them.

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**Pure Genius** (4.2)

With 3 different game modes, and 3 different rhythms that you can make, Melodium is a fresh new offering of which I haven’t seen in a while. Controls will turn away some, but if you give this indie game a chance I don’t see many getting disappointed with it.

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