Time to go huntin’…..Deer Hunter 2014 Review…

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Grab your guns, boys it’s is time to go hunting’. As someone that was born an raised in the Big City, hunting, was never really my thing. You want me to milk a cow? Nope. Want me to load up hay bales? Nope. Want me to go fishing on our property? Impossible, I live in an apartment.

Breaking away from the generalizations and stereo types of farm boys and city boys (don’t worry I was just trying to be funny) Let’s talk about DH14. I have been hunting maybe one time in my life, and I can’t say that I enjoyed it. (It seemed like fishing except without water, which was the only thing that made fishing fun) And add to the fact that if there was the game to play in the arcade, my coins were not going to the Deer Hunter Game. (what was it cruising’ USA) But I digress, what we have here in DH14 is a true gem. My first thought when downloading the game was to add some diversity to the blog, but then I saw the graphics, and the controls were nicely done, and I ended up spending an hour, then two, then I had to rest (games form of IAP’s) to regain energy but then I was playing again. DH14 has some of the best visuals, but also offers some challenging and rewarding gameplay. The game plays as one would figure, you look down through the scope  of a gun and try and hit whichever “game” animal, that the objective is pointing you to. The game uses a side to side motion as if you are on rails, which seems to work for this game.(I normally like to be able to free roam but here it surprisingly it hindered.)

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DH14 has multiple classes of weapons you can choose from including, shotguns, rifles, and assault rifles. These each have customizable features such as, increase stability, weapon zooms ect. I will say that sometimes for the higher level guns it screams IAP. They want you to spend real money to get better guns and more energy (so you can keep hunting) however there are still quite a few guns that don’t require money as well.

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IAP’s are softened by fun challenges that you can partake in, as well as a variety of different game animals to kill. You earn money by completing different matches (which may have different gun requirements) In one challenge I found myself hunting at night, and the objective was to kill the game with a shot through the heart. (Well you’re to late; you give love a bad name) Shots like this require skill and infrared vision. Infrared vision is a great way to hook players and adds a fun challenge to those who desire it. Also, if you want to take on more of an exotic type of game, don’t worry they have those too. Hunt everything from Deer, to Grizzlies, in this fantastic experience.

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 **Pure Genius** (4.6)

With graphics that will surely make your jaw drop, Deer Hunter 2014 is a great hunting experience even for people like me that consider themselves pure city boys. Even if you don’t like hunting for that matter you should check this game out!

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