Line of Defense Tactics….Something Different

Line of Defense, a strategy game at the heart, and an rpg on a deeper level. This game is quite possibly something you could spend hours playing, and that is only from customizing your squad, actual gameplay will take you even further. In LODT You get to control a squad by tap and drag gestures. You move along maps on foot or by vehicle in rare instance to complete certain objectives. Each soldier can be customized, everything from primary to secondary weapons, or even things such as certificates, which act more like special skills that the soldier can use. ( i.e.-deploying a turret)

photo 4

For those of you out there that are “hardcore gamers” good news, at the start there are two different game options for you to choose from. One is clearly for me (beginner) and the other is a hardcore mode. There is also a skirmish mode, which seems to be more like a survival mode, unfortunately you have to pay $1.99 for this game mode.

While this game is certainly a different type of game than what we are used to seeing on the IOS market, it does unfortunately suffer from some downfalls. One of those being that controls are not as fine tuned as they should be. This game is offering something different with the drag and drop controls, however I found that I would prefer the tap and go movement more (which is offered luckily) The units were also difficult to tap on individually and it is confusing to know which unit you have selected in the midst of combat. Furthermore, the in app purchases are not helping this game in any way. Really 1.99 for a game mode? Felt a little deceptive to me. Luckily there seems to be ways to earn credit through the patience and play so that you can upgrade your arsenal of weapons, skills, and armor.

3.1 **Average**

This game is definitely something that will capture many that are interested in a strategy/rpg offering. However the controls and IAP’s really hold it back. Check this game out if you want intriguing strategy mixed with rpg elements.


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