Order & Chaos Duels…another great IOS TCG

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Gameloft has done some very impressive things on IOS. If anything Gameloft has encouraged and shown very many gamers that their video game dreams can come true on a mobile device. For those of you that are looking for another solid TCG that is closely similar to Hearthstone then you have it right here.

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O&C Duels starts pretty much the same way that the other popular games do in it’s genre; you pick a Hero class (Warrior, Mage, ect.) and you go to war. Your starter deck has around 30 cards for you to battle with, and depending on which faction you chose (Order or Chaos) it will have varying monsters. Your Hero on the battlefield starts off with a set amount of hit points, take your opponents hp all the way down to zero and you win the game. Hearthstone, O&C Duels and Shadow Era are all very similar in this respect, primarily because its just the type of tcg that is popular right now.

I will say that after playing Order and Chaos online, that it was fun being able to choose a side, it created a connection with the players that was unique to the experience. Another strong point in the game were the graphics and the effects during gameplay. This is normally Gameloft’s strong point in an app, and it was great to see that they didn’t slouch here. Decks are nicely fleshed out with several unique minions, and it is great fun to be able to customize your own deck. Alchemy is another great way to earn cool and unique cards, sacrifice enough of your own cards and you might get a rare one. Another spin on the game are the boss battles that you get to fight. Multiplayer is fun, but just be prepared to battle. Teaming up for a boss battle is certainly a cool aspect that is unique to the game, and ranked matches are a lot of fun as well. Each battle has certain achievements that you can complete that will allow you to earn different items, such as cards or gold or runes (to purchase more cards with)

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Speaking of runes, yes this is the common form of IAP in O&C. (Surprise!) I understand why would want IAP’s, at least for a TCG, but Gameloft just seems to hound us with reminders, which does get  annoying after sometime. The fact that you have to pay for an extra deck slot to build another deck seems a little weak as well. Rare’s are not easy to come by either in the game. (which is the way it is supposed to be sometimes, maybe just a little more grace would be nice)

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Overall-4.5 ****Pure Genius****

Order & Chaos online is a great TCG for the IOS, and does a good job of balancing both quantity and quality. Unique boss battles and relateable characters will have you coming back for more. I highly suggest this game if you are interested in the genre and want it at the palm of your hands.


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