Bridge Me…Cheap, boring and shallow. (You deserve better)

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Lately there seems to be an influx of “cheap” pix-elated games hitting the IOS market. Flappy Bird was one, and now many of the developers have copied Flappy Bird in a “get rich quick” scheme. At least in that regard “Bridge Me” is not a knock off of Flappy Bird, though it shares the same graphics quality, and the similar sound of a coin being collected each time you build a bridge. (Thank you Nintendo) “Bridge Me” and all games alike have become shallow, there is no story line, no interesting achievements, no unlockables, just a leaderboard. (Which could be nice if enough people play)

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So to start, you are a builder, who builds bridges to walk across platforms. You build bridges by pressing the hammer button in the bottom center of the screen, as you do, a wood plank begins to build vertically and it is your job to calculate when to stop building the bridge. Build the bridge for to long and you will walk off the other end of the platform, build it to short and you don’t make it to the other side. Every few levels, there are different types of “challenge bridges” which are different but overall pretty easy to get past.  Luckily the developers thought to add that bit of flavor to this portion of an otherwise, bland, offering.

Now don’t get me wrong, people will play this game because it has all of the makings of a game that casual fans will want. Grandma’s across the world will “dig” the aspect and understanding that the game offers nothing more than the press of a button. We believe though, that while there will always be this type of market for this type of game, that it is time to for developers to work a bit harder and pour more into their product (like many are beginning to do) so that they can truly connect with their users.

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 Overall: ***Weak Play***

I would expect a game like this from a developer who was just beginning to create their first application. (Including this one they have 4) This game fits a stereo type of a casual gamer, and when we see products like this we don’t feel like the developer put much effort into their work at all. Even if they had added some sort of depth with achievements or some more creativity in level design the results would have been better. Next time just show us that you care about what you’re doing.


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