Why Nintendo should move to the mobile game market…


Photo Courtesy of: http://www.picgifs.com/clip-art/cartoons/super-mario/clip-art-super-mario-182626.jpg

For many years Nintendo ruled the gaming world. To some they will always be legends, but now there is a new generation up and coming, and Nintendo must learn to adapt if it would like to regain its throne once again.  Nintendo in our eyes will always be one of the greatest most innovative companies in gaming history. But now as they valiantly stand beside their struggling console, Wii U, they must begin to reevaluate and learn what other steps need to be taken in order to secure the company’s future existence.
Nintendo rules the handheld console market and there is no one that will get in their way, but they have to move to a different scene to continue to be innovators. The mobile gaming market is on the verge of exploding, or perhaps it has been for sometime now. It almost seems as if the mobile market is a thriving community waiting for a king to step in. If Nintendo will step in and begin making first party games for any of the mobile markets not only will there be a “culture shock” in the way games are played on the phone, but there will be a culture shock in the gaming industry unanimously. Nintendo would be able to come in and set the price standards on apps. No longer would we have to abide by the pay to win or in app purchases, instead we would receive an awesome game at a fair price. I would be more than willing to pay 15 or 20 dollars for a IOS version of Starfox, as long as it is a complete game. That is another area that Nintendo should realize, they shouldn’t try adopting the current gaming system but instead create their own. (Break the system even; Just don’t give us a Mario game that we can only play 5 times and then have to wait to refill energy.)

This certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing for mobile gamers either, we are getting a better quality game from a developer that we know we could trust to deliver great games. Nintendo is a prestigious company; and from gamers everywhere the mobile gaming throne is all yours!


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