Want to use some of that pointless knowledge you have? Check this game out!

Think you know it all? Well now you can put all of that so called knowledge to the test!

Quiz Up

Quiz-Up a new way to put that knowledge to the test!

Quiz-Up a new way to put that knowledge to the test!

Finally a game that allows you to do something with all of that pointless knowledge you have!!!!! Want to challenge all of your friends at a heart pumping fast paced quiz game??? Quiz up allows you to do all of that plus more! In this game players compete against one another and try to answer questions before time runs out. Player can choose from over 300 topics, ranging from various tv-shows, to things such as science or even math. As players compete they gain experience and level up, allowing the different titles to symbolize status and how much you know about the topic. Though Quiz Up will keep you coming back for hours and hours many may be turned off due to repetition of some of the questions during the quiz. Not to worry though, the creative minds at Quiz Up update the game regularly and allow players to create topics and information of their own.

Overall Score: **Smart** (4 out of 5)

A game boasting over 250 topics, Quiz Up will keep your mind challenged for a long time. Add to that, you are going up against your friends for bragging rights and you have a great play here, sure repetition occurs on occasion throughout the game but it is absolutely nothing that should keep you from downloading this awesome game, add to the fact that the current price is free, and you cant go wrong!


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