Shadow Blade Review- For all of the wanna be Ninja’s

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For the longest time I have been hankering for a platforming game for the IOS that actually works. Add to the fact that I have always wanted to be the green power ranger, and I often found myself sad and unaccomplished. Low and behold, Shadow Blade graced me with it’s presence and hope once again lifted my soul! (man, I am a geek sometimes)

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It is nice to finally play a game that is a platformer, but that isn’t an auto run game. I feel that lately developers have been cautious to do so because gestures and controls would be a hard thing to manage (and they are right it is) but also a hard thing for the players to grasp. Shadow Blade, while tricky at first, is a really great platforming game with controls that actually work. You can tell the developers for Shadow Blade put a lot of hard work in to this game and it certainly paid off. In Shadow Blade your job is to be a ninja, a freaking awesome ninja. You are on a journey to your sensei and must battle through hordes of enemies trying to stop you. Running and jumping is one part of the game, but killing your enemies, is a whole new aspect within this realm. Instead of jumping on enemies heads, you can use swipe motion gestures to slice enemies in half. On level 3, I started to truly feel like a ninja. Being able to jump and slice enemies in half and link brutal finishing moves together, was amazing. Swipe based gestures allowed more than one move to be performed as well. Arial attacks, stealth attacks, just plain old up the gut attacks, are all moves that you can master. This game is loaded with a ton of different levels that will keep you entertained. Each level comes packed with extra’s for the players to do. Collecting all the coins, killing all of the enemies, finding 2 different symbols per level, this game will keep you coming back for more.

Overall: ****Smart Play****

Fans of this genre of gaming should definitely go out and download it now. Beautiful artwork, peaceful music (which is interactive based on the coins you collect), and fun gameplay mechanics, make this game a no brainer for all of you “ninja”  types out there.

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