GBA4ios…bringing all of your childhood favorites to your Iphone

photo 2 (21)

For years people have been figuring out ways to relive classics on their phones. Iphone users have all been waiting for a decent emulator (Jailbreak free) to hit the market, and finally, we have one GBA4 Ios.

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This is not an app store app, but instead something you can download from your safari browser.(which then creates an app icon on your phone) Be sure to change the date back to sometime in January. (specific instructions on the site) Once you have the emulator downloaded, it is really easy and streamlined to download the rom games. Upon opening there should be a list, in the top right corner hit the plus button which should take you to a rom site, and from there search the game you desire by letter. After that, check to see if there are anymore specific instructions (may have to roll the clock back again for some)  then select download now. Don’t forget to go to menu, and save state when progressing through the game , not all games allow you to save in game.

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This is a great emulator to come to the IOS market and I have had fun reliving some old time classics with GBA4ios. It is still hard to believe that I am now calling some of the greatest games that I grew up with, classics, but that’s the way getting old goes. Enjoy this emulator while it lasts (may not be around forever)


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