Second Chance Heroes review, doing Honest Abe justice….

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Throughout movies and lore, Honest Abe, Cleopatra, and Napoleon Bonaparte have been legends, or even further, immortalized. I loved learning about some of these icons in history, but I never thought that I would love to play with them in video games. However, Second Chance Heroes not only allows you to play with these characters, but they give a whole new name to the historical figures.

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This game feels a lot like Diablo 2 while playing, probably due to the camera angle. You select a Hero (there are 2 at first but you can pay real money for more or unlock some of the cheaper legends) and then you follow the storyline into the mall. Each mission is a different area and you must reach specific objectives to progress throughout the game. There are a host of different achievements and side quests to accomplish which complements game well, due to the several Heroes you can unlock. The main objective though, is to slash your way through zombies. I have to say, I really enjoyed playing Abe Lincoln and watching him slash through the hordes with a chainsaw. There aren’t any weapons to collect at this point, but there are boosts like health or speed, and each Hero comes with a couple of special abilities. (It was so gratifying watching the masses of zombies fly everywhere after using an ability) The gameplay get’s spiced up a bit with boss battles and an online co-op mode. (really took me back to the lan-parties i used to have with Diablo 2)

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If you are looking for an rpg element, there is one here, however it isn’t very deep. This game is more designed to give the player a fun arcade type of experience. Things like health and damage can be leveled once  the player has collected the right amount of experience, but nothing much more than that.

I was surprised with the stableness of the online play. There at times could be a lot of things happening on screen, which never slowed my phone, but also I never experienced any objectivity issues with other players, the game ran smooth. Many might hesitate to play due to the virtual controls, but truthfully the dual virtual analog stick worked nicely, I never had an issue movement or attacking.

The graphics in game were decent, however it was far from the best. Due to the amount of things going on, onscreen it was understandable that things were not on the same level as Infinity Blade. (In fact, SCH probably excelled considering.) In app purchases are in the game. I can understand Heroes needing to be bought, to be unlocked, after all developers have to earn a living too.

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Overall- ****Pure Genius**** 

For a dollar you can’t go wrong. This game is a tremendous amount of fun to play. I highly recommend it for people that are fans of the hack and slash games, or if you love history and want to have a little bit of fun. I am certainly glad I downloaded it, and can’t wait to keep slaying away!


Bug Heroes 2 review- Greatest iphone multiplayer game this year !

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For the longest time I have been waiting for a 3D multiplayer game to come out for the iphone. I remember a couple years ago playing some truly terrible games on my ipod touch. Well times have drastically changed, and here in early 2014, we might have the best multiplayer game for the rest of the year.

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Bug Heroes 2, is an epic strategy game. This game has a mixture of League of Legends and the movie Bugs Life all rolled together in one. Honestly I never expected a game like this to hit the IOS market so soon. Strategy fiends will love this game. There are a few types of gameplay here, and our review will focus primarily on the main gameplay and the multiplayer aspects.

The main point of gameplay in BH2 is to protect your food source from being infiltrated by enemy bugs. Your food source will be guarded by turrets, and as you go along in the mission it will be important for you to upgrade the turrets to help you better fight against the “grubs” that are attacking you. As your Hero kills enemies you gain experience, gaining experience allows you to unlock skills to use in the midst of combat. You can choose any skills that you want and if you choose correctly, it can change the tide of battle. If one hero is to  “boring” for your expertise, then you will enjoy knowing that the game allows you to take two Heroes out per battle. This is great if you enjoy mixing, healing and tanking together or want to try something “dangerous” and take double tanks to battle.

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No need to worry about a limited selection of Heroes, this game has over 25! And just like LoL, you will need to learn about them all so that you can be truly dominant in this game. Also, each character can be unlocked without having to drop any cash. (Although patience is a must)

Moving to the multiplayer portion of the game. It is epic. You and your teammates can take on AI, and survive waves of enemies as well as capture and hold certain enemy points. The objective is to stay alive as long as possible, and offers the same rpg elements that the other mode does. You and your teammate will need to choose wisely though, this time around you can only choose one Hero to battle with (per person). You can also battle 1v1 or 2v2 (same game modes except against humans) if you would like. Toss in what is sure to be fun local wifi play, and you really cant ask for more. Foursaken has done a great job thus far with the servers, and they seem to be pretty stable, minus a couple of lag issues. (which is to be expected with any online game at launch)

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Overall ****Pure Genius****

Look, at a $.99 price point this game is a must have. The rpg depth you get as well as the great strategy and stunning multiplayer gives you more than you will ever pay for. Not to mention the great graphics and pretty funny voice overs.

Honorbound review! JuiceBox Games’ stunning rpg for IOS….

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If there is one type of game that we would like to see more of on the mobile market it would be the turn based rpg. Golden Sun for Gameboy Advanced was our “jam” back in the day. It has been great to see some of the Final Fantasy games to hit the app store but we are were still looking for something completely new and “fresh” to sink our teeth into. If you are a gamer that share some of the same “cravings” that we do, then look no further, Juice Box Games has created an rpg that we can all enjoy.

Honorbound is deeper than one might think. Upon opening up the game you realize pretty quickly that Juiceboxs’ mobile offering is not paper thin (like some other apps). In fact this game is probably one of the deepest games we have played in a while.
Honorbound gives you the option of selecting what type of Hero you want to start with. All of the normal Heroes are offered but they also include a few renditions of their own. It is certainly nice to see game developers breaking the trend of the same 4 or 5 Heroes. (Don’t get me wrong, the warrior class will always have a special place in our hearts). You can also summon allies that are “captured” in battle, this adds a whole new level of depth to the game because you can customize them as well.(Its also cool seeing what other players use as allies in pvp mode) Once you have selected a Hero you go through a “tutorial level”. This level is great because it teaches you how to play, but also lays down the plot-line. That’s another great thing, you actually feel like your accomplishing something and moving forward throughout the game with an intriguing storyline, you aren’t just “grinding” your way to a final boss.

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The combat in the game works the same as most other turn based strategy games,  Heroes and allies, versus  enemies and each side takes a turn using a skill or choosing an enemy to attack. This same type of combat system is used in pvp mode as well, except the opponents are stronger and more skilled than the regular AI. By defeating other players you can earn gold as well as xp. We did have our qualms with the matching system for pvp, it seemed that to often we would be matched up against players that were a higher level than us. (The game gives you an option of 3 different users that you can choose to battle and every time you back out of a battle lobby it uses an energy point which takes time to replenish.)

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Wondering about skills and what not? Don’t worry, this game comes loaded with unique abilities to master and different skills to level up. Obviously you want your Hero trained for battles, but there are many other perks that should also be trained such as: more energy, a higher percentage gold, and the abilities to train your allies. You can train these abilities through researchers. The higher the level of skill that they are training the longer it will take to train them. (of course you can speed this up by using diamonds aka, in game currency)  We won’t touch on everything here, so you should go download the game. (This game offers great variety)

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Unfortunately the one area that we feel is held back is the energy system. Whenever you move across a map an energy point is used. Now we know developers have to make money, we just wished that it wasn’t in the form of IAP’s.(one price fits all) Great news is that your energy level can be increased by training, and you can earn “diamonds” by gaining achievements. (though there are few) Though this system isn’t ideal, it shouldn’t stop you from downloading the game.

Overall: ****Pure Genius****

Honorbound is an awesome game that offers a lot of depth and great story “freshness” to the rpg market. Fun battles, powerful Heroes and great pvp will keep you entertained. If you are craving an rpg that fits in your pocket, then you should check this game out!

Naughty Kitties review! If Cats were actually this cool they would be more popular than dogs

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Now I know that by the title alone, many will come in here with guns a’blaze ready defend the rights of cats to the death. But hold on a sec, I didn’t say cats were bad (for heaven’s sake I’m sure I will end up with one soon), they are just not as popular as dogs! Anyways, this isn’t a review about which domesticated animal is your favorite, but instead about a game in which dog lover’s and cat lover’s alike will have a ton of fun.

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Man, game developers for IOS are getting more and more creative now-a-days, and the devs over at Coconut Island are certainly leading the way. Naughty Kitties at first glance seems as if it would be repetitive after playing for a while, however it is far from it. What you have are your kittens, riding on a space ship (pretty normal so far) when all of the for no good reason enemy ships start blasting you down! (I can feel the PETA rage now) Low and behold though, the Kittens have come prepared and start laying the plank right back. In this side scrolling strategy you are given an option of which kittens you want fighting for you by “draging and dropping” them onto the ship from a queue box. Skill and timing are required so that as soon as another kitten is ready to fight you can replace them and they can get to work without any harm being done . Match up kittens of the same type and watch them unleash super powered attacks. This actually becomes more tricky when you unlock more kittens because the queue randomly assigns a type of kitten so you will never know what kind you are getting. Intense boss battle’s will keep you on your toes and leave you feeling accomplished afterwards.

Perhaps the largest surprise for me was the fact that after I was done playing the first tutorial I was given a host of different customization options. (RPG depth) and like any good creepy cat lady, this game had a bunch cats to choose from. Whether it be cats that helped repair ships, shoot machine guns, fire rockets ect. they could all be used at your disposal. (If you have unlocked them) You could buy different ships which each had different perks, you also had a choice of which cat to lvl up as well! Which was certainly tough at times.(Do I want more repair or more damage???) Coins that you earn ended up paying off in a big way.

Though this game was great, it did have a few drawbacks. You basically play on an energy based system. After you run out of “hearts” (use up one per level) you can’t play unless you purchase more with real money, or you wait patiently until your energy is replenished. Now I understand that developers need to make money and I totally agree that they should, I just wish there was a set price for the game, and that if we pay for something, that it would be more content.

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 Overall: ****Pure Genius****

This is a great game! You certainly should take the time to play it and download it! This brings a fresh new experience to side scrolling strategy, and it mixes great with the RPG elements that are added in. For those of you that don’t like kittens I think you should put your differences aside and check out this game! (You will be lost in the fun gameplay to realize you’re playing with kittens)

Embrace your inner Sensei….Clumsy Ninja Review

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As a former black belt myself (starting this post off with a lie), I have come to appreciate art forms that allow you to become a better karate master. In this game you can become a Sensei (kind of) and you help your “clumsy” ninja train. As you train your ninja, he/she eventually gets better and better at…you nailed it…..karate. Many people will enjoy this game, the ninja, for all intents and purposes, is a cute little guy that reacts to whichever way you swipe the screen. There were many times when I accidentally swiped my finger across the phone quickly which sent my Ninja flying across the environment, so I tried not to do that to many times because I felt bad, but then there were also those times when I really just wanted to throw something, and I picked him. (Don’t worry I felt remorse afterwards).

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There are many ways to train your ninja, from jumping on a trampoline, to kicking a punching bag and ect., each of these things give your ninja experience points and with those you can level up and your ninja is less clumsy. There are unlockable items, belts, outfits, gear other what not that can all be purchased with patience!!!!! (or with real money, but come on just wait for like a week!) At the end of the day there are several fun activities for you to do with your Ninja such, purchasing balloons and tying them to your ninja to watch him float, ect. however I  was just bored with it after about 15 mins of playing. This game will be great for some, but for those that want a deeper game, this one isn’t for you.

He is the real sensei

He is the real sensei

Overall Score: **Smart** (3.5 out of 5)

This game will keep many people entertained for a good long while, however if you are like me and want something different, then it won’t. While there are many fun “goals” for you to accomplish, it just feels to repetitive. It is nice that the game is free on the app store, but the in app purchases are pretty large. The graphics are great and the controls are responsive! If you just want a quick smile or have some sort or weird ninja obsession (which is totally different from my Batman obsession) Then check this game out.

Looks like Zelda, Plays like Zelda, NOT Zelda..Oceanhorn review


Alright everyone,

Time for Pure Playz first app review! And guess what? No better way to kick off the review of by far one of the most historic games ever to hit the app market. (Bold words for our first review)

Here is the deal, apps and mobile gaming is the “future” of gaming, and for a while I think the market has hit a plateau of sorts, that is of course until I was immersed in a beautiful world full of color, game-play that was deep, and a story-line that was impressive, not only for mobile devices but could rival console gaming. I harp on this because I am excited, ecstatic, and yes impatient, for the current mobile gaming market to become everything that I know it can be!

Battle through several exciting dungeons!

Battle through several exciting dungeons!

Cornfox&Bro, and FDG have made a masterpiece in “Oceanhorn: Monster of the uncharted Seas” For starters the beginning scene is that of an older wise traveler leaving a journal for his son, and protagonist of the story (you). He speaks of a violent past in which he lost his wife (your mom) and how he must go on a journey to protect you. Enter you a wide eyed pre-teen rearing for adventure! Grab your sword and your shield and be ready to battle all sorts of creatures in an exciting world full of mystery, dungeons, puzzles, and adventure. The game starts you off on a pretty much deserted island (aside from an older man who essentially becomes your mentor and a few badies you get to slice up.) This is more or less how the ecosystem of the game works, you can travel by ship to various island, many of which include towns with shops, as well as dungeons for you to explore. Traveling from one island to another is yet another thing that Cornfox&Bro nailed creatively. Instead of hitting you with a plain load screen, they have made sailing into a great mini game of sorts allowing you to collect items, shoot bombs at barrels that block your way, battle sea monsters ect. Oh the creativity!

Intense and exciting action!

  Intense and exciting action!

Graphics: 5 out of 5

No this isn’t Zelda and you are not playing on a Wii, it is indeed an iphone. It is easy to confuse the games, especially in this area. Graphics are colorful and crisp. Easily one of the top gaming graphics on the IOS market.

Gameplay: 5 out of 5

Want a thrilling adventure and multiple hours of gameplay (around 10hrs) in the palm of your hands? Want something interesting to do with out the repitiion of a pick and play? With monsters to battle and dungeons to explore, you can lose yourself in this world!

Sounds: 5 out of 5

A peaceful rhythm plays in the background as you explore this universe, to go along with great voice acting during cut scenes give this game some added flare.

Controls: 5 out of 5

I know that one of the larger concerns about a mobile game are the controls, well not anymore. Cornfox&Bros have figured out a way to master the controls on this game, the virtual game pad causes no problems at all. Movement is responsive and the action button works perfectly.

Price: 5 out of 5 

Don’t worry a higher score means that it is an affordable price. $8.99 for a game that can rival those which can be found on consoles, is not a bad deal at all, the beautiful thing no IAP’s (in app purchases)

Overall Score: **PURE GENIUS** (5 out of 5)

Look by now you should know this game is unlike any other game on the IOS. If you want a peek at the future of mobile gaming then you need to download this game. Oceanhorn will keep you enthralled in dungeons, puzzles, and an epic story-line for hours.