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 As the prodigal son returned, so do we to one of our favorite hobbies. Yes we vanished for a few months there (primarily due to graduating college and vacationing) but now we are back! So please if you have a game you would like us to check out, tweet us @pureplaayz and we will! We have missed you and know that there are a whole host of IOS games to review so onward!


Why Nintendo should move to the mobile game market…


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For many years Nintendo ruled the gaming world. To some they will always be legends, but now there is a new generation up and coming, and Nintendo must learn to adapt if it would like to regain its throne once again.  Nintendo in our eyes will always be one of the greatest most innovative companies in gaming history. But now as they valiantly stand beside their struggling console, Wii U, they must begin to reevaluate and learn what other steps need to be taken in order to secure the company’s future existence.
Nintendo rules the handheld console market and there is no one that will get in their way, but they have to move to a different scene to continue to be innovators. The mobile gaming market is on the verge of exploding, or perhaps it has been for sometime now. It almost seems as if the mobile market is a thriving community waiting for a king to step in. If Nintendo will step in and begin making first party games for any of the mobile markets not only will there be a “culture shock” in the way games are played on the phone, but there will be a culture shock in the gaming industry unanimously. Nintendo would be able to come in and set the price standards on apps. No longer would we have to abide by the pay to win or in app purchases, instead we would receive an awesome game at a fair price. I would be more than willing to pay 15 or 20 dollars for a IOS version of Starfox, as long as it is a complete game. That is another area that Nintendo should realize, they shouldn’t try adopting the current gaming system but instead create their own. (Break the system even; Just don’t give us a Mario game that we can only play 5 times and then have to wait to refill energy.)

This certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing for mobile gamers either, we are getting a better quality game from a developer that we know we could trust to deliver great games. Nintendo is a prestigious company; and from gamers everywhere the mobile gaming throne is all yours!

Naughty Kitties review! If Cats were actually this cool they would be more popular than dogs

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Now I know that by the title alone, many will come in here with guns a’blaze ready defend the rights of cats to the death. But hold on a sec, I didn’t say cats were bad (for heaven’s sake I’m sure I will end up with one soon), they are just not as popular as dogs! Anyways, this isn’t a review about which domesticated animal is your favorite, but instead about a game in which dog lover’s and cat lover’s alike will have a ton of fun.

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Man, game developers for IOS are getting more and more creative now-a-days, and the devs over at Coconut Island are certainly leading the way. Naughty Kitties at first glance seems as if it would be repetitive after playing for a while, however it is far from it. What you have are your kittens, riding on a space ship (pretty normal so far) when all of the for no good reason enemy ships start blasting you down! (I can feel the PETA rage now) Low and behold though, the Kittens have come prepared and start laying the plank right back. In this side scrolling strategy you are given an option of which kittens you want fighting for you by “draging and dropping” them onto the ship from a queue box. Skill and timing are required so that as soon as another kitten is ready to fight you can replace them and they can get to work without any harm being done . Match up kittens of the same type and watch them unleash super powered attacks. This actually becomes more tricky when you unlock more kittens because the queue randomly assigns a type of kitten so you will never know what kind you are getting. Intense boss battle’s will keep you on your toes and leave you feeling accomplished afterwards.

Perhaps the largest surprise for me was the fact that after I was done playing the first tutorial I was given a host of different customization options. (RPG depth) and like any good creepy cat lady, this game had a bunch cats to choose from. Whether it be cats that helped repair ships, shoot machine guns, fire rockets ect. they could all be used at your disposal. (If you have unlocked them) You could buy different ships which each had different perks, you also had a choice of which cat to lvl up as well! Which was certainly tough at times.(Do I want more repair or more damage???) Coins that you earn ended up paying off in a big way.

Though this game was great, it did have a few drawbacks. You basically play on an energy based system. After you run out of “hearts” (use up one per level) you can’t play unless you purchase more with real money, or you wait patiently until your energy is replenished. Now I understand that developers need to make money and I totally agree that they should, I just wish there was a set price for the game, and that if we pay for something, that it would be more content.

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 Overall: ****Pure Genius****

This is a great game! You certainly should take the time to play it and download it! This brings a fresh new experience to side scrolling strategy, and it mixes great with the RPG elements that are added in. For those of you that don’t like kittens I think you should put your differences aside and check out this game! (You will be lost in the fun gameplay to realize you’re playing with kittens)

How are mobile devices shaping the gaming industry?

Seems as if the gaming world will operate in a totally different climate within the next few years.

The Next Level Gaming

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way many of us live. When it comes to gaming, the changes are profound.

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The rise of the smartphone and its tablet cousin has been remarkable. Google’s Our Mobile Planet research suggests that 62% of UK adults own a smartphone today. What’s even more amazing is that this has more than doubled in just two years. Meanwhile, Yahoo has reported that by 2015, the number of people worldwide who own a smartphone is expected to rise to two billion.

But this isn’t just about the numbers. In just a few short years we have gone from seeing our phones as just that – phones – to so much more. Nowadays, we send emails, we browse the web, we listen to music. The term ‘phone’ almost feels redundant.

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CubeTrek 2… Fun to play, without the pain!

It is time for a new addiction! One that gives you more of a reward than the trials of Flappy Bird (RIP) Cube Trek 2 is a great game to play that involves more strategy than one would expect. The purpose of the game is to collect as many coins in the allotted time that is given while hopping from cube to cube. Timing is key as the coins are constantly moving and it will be up to you when to time the Jumps.  AFA Studios has done a really good job in rounding out the game with impressive visuals and a pretty art style paintings.

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     OVERALL- 3.8 **Smart**

CubeTrek 2 is a great game to pick up and play any time! You should definitely download it and try it out. It is free and it is quite fun! Controls aren’t too bad to get the hang of and once you do you will be hooked. This game is definitely a game for anyone looking to fill a hole left by Flappy Bird and is a much more rewarding experience than what was previously mentioned.

Think you can beat our score? Tweet us a screenshot @pureplaayz

Think you can beat our score? Tweet us a screenshot @pureplaayz

We are back! And we are bring something new to the table….

It has been a while everyone! Sorry for the delay but do not worry because we are back! We stopped posting for a while because of the holidays and what not, but we hope to be back at full strength now that we are settled again. Now I know that the reviews that I have posted to the site have been so well done that you really don’t need any gameplay footage to back it up, but we have decided to give you some for the more “visual learners”. Please be take note ****THESE VIDEOS WONT BE REVIEWS**** We just want to have some fun and show you some gameplay. Videos will be posted on our youtube channel (pureplayz) and will be called GOOP (Games on our phones…..soooo clever) The blog will have the more in depth reviews. We hope you enjoy the new journey we are taking!

Happy Holidays!

Pureplayz hopes that you are able to take a break this holiday season! Kickback enjoy time with family! Remember that you can work as hard as you want but at the end of the day take some time to enjoy the work and effort that you put in to your work! If you are with family that you rarely see, we suggest playing a fun game like Heads up by Ellen or taking time to challenge your distant cousin at a game of quiz up! These things can certainly bring you closer to your family and friends! Pureplayz will be releasing more reviews at the start of the New Year so keep checkin’ here. Hope everyone remembers that there is a deeper meaning to Christmas than just receiving. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!


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