GBA4ios…bringing all of your childhood favorites to your Iphone

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For years people have been figuring out ways to relive classics on their phones. Iphone users have all been waiting for a decent emulator (Jailbreak free) to hit the market, and finally, we have one GBA4 Ios.

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This is not an app store app, but instead something you can download from your safari browser.(which then creates an app icon on your phone) Be sure to change the date back to sometime in January. (specific instructions on the site) Once you have the emulator downloaded, it is really easy and streamlined to download the rom games. Upon opening there should be a list, in the top right corner hit the plus button which should take you to a rom site, and from there search the game you desire by letter. After that, check to see if there are anymore specific instructions (may have to roll the clock back again for some)  then select download now. Don’t forget to go to menu, and save state when progressing through the game , not all games allow you to save in game.

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This is a great emulator to come to the IOS market and I have had fun reliving some old time classics with GBA4ios. It is still hard to believe that I am now calling some of the greatest games that I grew up with, classics, but that’s the way getting old goes. Enjoy this emulator while it lasts (may not be around forever)


Second Chance Heroes review, doing Honest Abe justice….

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Throughout movies and lore, Honest Abe, Cleopatra, and Napoleon Bonaparte have been legends, or even further, immortalized. I loved learning about some of these icons in history, but I never thought that I would love to play with them in video games. However, Second Chance Heroes not only allows you to play with these characters, but they give a whole new name to the historical figures.

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This game feels a lot like Diablo 2 while playing, probably due to the camera angle. You select a Hero (there are 2 at first but you can pay real money for more or unlock some of the cheaper legends) and then you follow the storyline into the mall. Each mission is a different area and you must reach specific objectives to progress throughout the game. There are a host of different achievements and side quests to accomplish which complements game well, due to the several Heroes you can unlock. The main objective though, is to slash your way through zombies. I have to say, I really enjoyed playing Abe Lincoln and watching him slash through the hordes with a chainsaw. There aren’t any weapons to collect at this point, but there are boosts like health or speed, and each Hero comes with a couple of special abilities. (It was so gratifying watching the masses of zombies fly everywhere after using an ability) The gameplay get’s spiced up a bit with boss battles and an online co-op mode. (really took me back to the lan-parties i used to have with Diablo 2)

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If you are looking for an rpg element, there is one here, however it isn’t very deep. This game is more designed to give the player a fun arcade type of experience. Things like health and damage can be leveled once  the player has collected the right amount of experience, but nothing much more than that.

I was surprised with the stableness of the online play. There at times could be a lot of things happening on screen, which never slowed my phone, but also I never experienced any objectivity issues with other players, the game ran smooth. Many might hesitate to play due to the virtual controls, but truthfully the dual virtual analog stick worked nicely, I never had an issue movement or attacking.

The graphics in game were decent, however it was far from the best. Due to the amount of things going on, onscreen it was understandable that things were not on the same level as Infinity Blade. (In fact, SCH probably excelled considering.) In app purchases are in the game. I can understand Heroes needing to be bought, to be unlocked, after all developers have to earn a living too.

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Overall- ****Pure Genius**** 

For a dollar you can’t go wrong. This game is a tremendous amount of fun to play. I highly recommend it for people that are fans of the hack and slash games, or if you love history and want to have a little bit of fun. I am certainly glad I downloaded it, and can’t wait to keep slaying away!

Craving some Flappy Bird but deleted it already? Check out this Flappy Bird MMO for the computer.

photo (1) (FlappyBird for the iphone, in case you forgot)

If you are having some deep regrets because you deleted Flappy Bird  after it was taken off the shelves, then we might have something to help cure your addiction. Try out this  game called Flapmmo, where you can compete side by side against others and test your skill. This game comes stocked with a server leader (who has made it the furthest), as well as how many you are competing with. You can even see where your openents fail, and feel better or worse about your score. Enjoy Flapmmo here:

Bug Heroes 2 review- Greatest iphone multiplayer game this year !

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For the longest time I have been waiting for a 3D multiplayer game to come out for the iphone. I remember a couple years ago playing some truly terrible games on my ipod touch. Well times have drastically changed, and here in early 2014, we might have the best multiplayer game for the rest of the year.

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Bug Heroes 2, is an epic strategy game. This game has a mixture of League of Legends and the movie Bugs Life all rolled together in one. Honestly I never expected a game like this to hit the IOS market so soon. Strategy fiends will love this game. There are a few types of gameplay here, and our review will focus primarily on the main gameplay and the multiplayer aspects.

The main point of gameplay in BH2 is to protect your food source from being infiltrated by enemy bugs. Your food source will be guarded by turrets, and as you go along in the mission it will be important for you to upgrade the turrets to help you better fight against the “grubs” that are attacking you. As your Hero kills enemies you gain experience, gaining experience allows you to unlock skills to use in the midst of combat. You can choose any skills that you want and if you choose correctly, it can change the tide of battle. If one hero is to  “boring” for your expertise, then you will enjoy knowing that the game allows you to take two Heroes out per battle. This is great if you enjoy mixing, healing and tanking together or want to try something “dangerous” and take double tanks to battle.

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No need to worry about a limited selection of Heroes, this game has over 25! And just like LoL, you will need to learn about them all so that you can be truly dominant in this game. Also, each character can be unlocked without having to drop any cash. (Although patience is a must)

Moving to the multiplayer portion of the game. It is epic. You and your teammates can take on AI, and survive waves of enemies as well as capture and hold certain enemy points. The objective is to stay alive as long as possible, and offers the same rpg elements that the other mode does. You and your teammate will need to choose wisely though, this time around you can only choose one Hero to battle with (per person). You can also battle 1v1 or 2v2 (same game modes except against humans) if you would like. Toss in what is sure to be fun local wifi play, and you really cant ask for more. Foursaken has done a great job thus far with the servers, and they seem to be pretty stable, minus a couple of lag issues. (which is to be expected with any online game at launch)

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Overall ****Pure Genius****

Look, at a $.99 price point this game is a must have. The rpg depth you get as well as the great strategy and stunning multiplayer gives you more than you will ever pay for. Not to mention the great graphics and pretty funny voice overs.

Galaxy Conquerors….Giving “Galaga” a run for it’s money….

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Are you over the age of 45? Do you still rock a mullet or wear parachute pants? Do you still toss in a couple of quarters every time you pass an arcade to play the Galaga/Pacman combo machine? Well great news. Raven Castle Studios has released the top down scroller known as Galaxy Conquerors (GC) and it is a ton of fun for all.

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Upon first opening up the app, I was skeptical at what the app would offer. Top down scrollers were big at one point, but it being 2014 I thought that era of gaming was over. Well hours of gameplay later, I realized that I was very mistaken. Always stick to the age old adage that “one should never judge a book by its cover”. The first thing I noticed when actual gameplay begun was that the graphics look great. They aren’t mind blowing, but they certainly do a great job portraying all of the action that goes on on-screen. If you haven’t played a top down shooter you should know that your ship normally has an auto fire that constantly shoots. While shooting enemy ships, power ups will drop; these power ups are useful and sometimes necessary to complete the level. GC does a great job of adding a wide variety of enemies to defeat as well. Throw in missions that require you to transport ally ships and face intense bosses, and you have a marvelous game that will keep you busy for hours.

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If your worried that this game might be to easy, don’t be. As you progress through the storyline and play various levels, you will need specific powerups and boosts, to get past the bosses. GC has a unique currency system that works well with the game. When defeating enemies it would be smart to collect any items that you can, some of these will be currency used to upgrade your ships weapons. It is a must to have these in the later levels of the game.

Motions and controls worked pretty well with the gameplay. Unfortunately there were a few times when I swiped my screen and my ship would not go far enough in the desired directions. This only happened a couple of times, and overall the gameplay was very smooth. Also if you are looking for a gripping story, this is not it. (Pretty stinkin’ corny)

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Overall: ****Smart Play****

This is a great version of a modernized top down shooter. If you are having “nostalgic cravings” or are a young gun wanting to play old school, check this game out. It should make many people happy to know that this game does have game center support! This game will entertain for hours.

Crazy Rambo review…why would you create this game? much less play it!

photo 1Locking your keys in your car. Watching Jersey Shore reruns. Spilling a pot of hot coffee on your crotch. We make mistakes as human beings, it is just what we do. In fact we are good at it. But one mistake you don’t have to make is playing Crazy Rambo. (Pure Playz to the rescue!)

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I am very unsure about what the developers were thinking when they created this….atrocity. This game is not at all worth your time. Don’t waste your valuable phone storage on this game! I am telling you loud and clear, downloading a hundred pictures of cats sleeping, would be better than playing this game.

Upon opening up the game, (the play through was pretty unbearable) you will notice several different national flags. It is important (if for some reason you ignore this review and still play the game) that you select the English flag. (not that there is any commentary but instructions) After you do this you may select a “gun wielding”, no doubt steroid infused hero. Gameplay for the game is pretty simple, after selecting a difficulty and a character, you stand on a platform and shoot enemies that are trying to attack you. Let to many enemies attack you and you die. You are supposed to get points by killing enemies and collecting money that floats entirely to quickly. There. That’s it. I just explained the gameplay to you in one paragraph.

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Controls to the game were suspect. I tapped an enemy several times and there wasn’t the slightest reaction. Jumping up to get the rewards never worked (and if it did you often times died) and the game crashed many times. The icing on the cake? The advertisements. I am not sure if there was process in which the ads were displayed on screen, but this game gets the “cake” for most annoying ad timing. Many times when an ad came up (it was a full screen pop up) the game froze. When it wasn’t frozen on screen, the “x” on the pop up screen was so far in the corner, that it is nearly impossible to close out the ads if you have a case on the phone. (most people do) Probably the worst offense of all, was the full screen ad that popped up in the middle of gameplay. No, the game doesn’t pause, you simply die if you are not quick enough to close it out.

This game….wow just….wow.

Overall: ****Disastrous Play****

Look if you have made mistakes before, that’s okay. I just want to help you avoid making more. And this would be a big one. This feels like one of those “cheap” run of the mill  gimmick games. Developers hurt the gaming community when they put out games like this. Nothing screams cash grab louder than Crazy Rambo does. I would advise you to stay away. Some people just want to “watch the world burn”

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Want to use some of that pointless knowledge you have? Check this game out!

Think you know it all? Well now you can put all of that so called knowledge to the test!

Quiz Up

Quiz-Up a new way to put that knowledge to the test!

Quiz-Up a new way to put that knowledge to the test!

Finally a game that allows you to do something with all of that pointless knowledge you have!!!!! Want to challenge all of your friends at a heart pumping fast paced quiz game??? Quiz up allows you to do all of that plus more! In this game players compete against one another and try to answer questions before time runs out. Player can choose from over 300 topics, ranging from various tv-shows, to things such as science or even math. As players compete they gain experience and level up, allowing the different titles to symbolize status and how much you know about the topic. Though Quiz Up will keep you coming back for hours and hours many may be turned off due to repetition of some of the questions during the quiz. Not to worry though, the creative minds at Quiz Up update the game regularly and allow players to create topics and information of their own.

Overall Score: **Smart** (4 out of 5)

A game boasting over 250 topics, Quiz Up will keep your mind challenged for a long time. Add to that, you are going up against your friends for bragging rights and you have a great play here, sure repetition occurs on occasion throughout the game but it is absolutely nothing that should keep you from downloading this awesome game, add to the fact that the current price is free, and you cant go wrong!

Bridge Me…Cheap, boring and shallow. (You deserve better)

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Lately there seems to be an influx of “cheap” pix-elated games hitting the IOS market. Flappy Bird was one, and now many of the developers have copied Flappy Bird in a “get rich quick” scheme. At least in that regard “Bridge Me” is not a knock off of Flappy Bird, though it shares the same graphics quality, and the similar sound of a coin being collected each time you build a bridge. (Thank you Nintendo) “Bridge Me” and all games alike have become shallow, there is no story line, no interesting achievements, no unlockables, just a leaderboard. (Which could be nice if enough people play)

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So to start, you are a builder, who builds bridges to walk across platforms. You build bridges by pressing the hammer button in the bottom center of the screen, as you do, a wood plank begins to build vertically and it is your job to calculate when to stop building the bridge. Build the bridge for to long and you will walk off the other end of the platform, build it to short and you don’t make it to the other side. Every few levels, there are different types of “challenge bridges” which are different but overall pretty easy to get past.  Luckily the developers thought to add that bit of flavor to this portion of an otherwise, bland, offering.

Now don’t get me wrong, people will play this game because it has all of the makings of a game that casual fans will want. Grandma’s across the world will “dig” the aspect and understanding that the game offers nothing more than the press of a button. We believe though, that while there will always be this type of market for this type of game, that it is time to for developers to work a bit harder and pour more into their product (like many are beginning to do) so that they can truly connect with their users.

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 Overall: ***Weak Play***

I would expect a game like this from a developer who was just beginning to create their first application. (Including this one they have 4) This game fits a stereo type of a casual gamer, and when we see products like this we don’t feel like the developer put much effort into their work at all. Even if they had added some sort of depth with achievements or some more creativity in level design the results would have been better. Next time just show us that you care about what you’re doing.

Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies…taking me back to the glory days of physical TCG’s

photo 1 Several times throughout my childhood I collected cards. Baseball cards, then moved to Pokemon cards, and then of course Yu-GI-OH. (Maybe sprinkle a little bit of DBZ’s trading cards in there for flare?) Well of course by the time I hit middle school those cards I could no longer play to be with the “IN” crowd.(Oh the fallacy) But alas, everyone can come out of the trading card closet because Wulven studios has brought us an offering that is not to be hidden, nor is it to be ashamed of. Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies!photo 3

When I first downloaded this game I had no clue what to expect. Truth be told I thought I was done forever with this genre of gaming, but quickly the old feelings of excitement and interest took over once again and I delved into the amazing world of Shadow Era. The first thing I noticed about the game was the amount of different starter decks they offered. Shadow Era allows you to choose a deck based on what type of hero you want to be. Hero’s range from warriors and magi to rouges and more, with each class having male and female characters.

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Each hero has unique abilities which can be used at various times throughout the match.  The matches are played similarly to many other software based TCG’s of this gen; sacrifice cards which give you resources so that you can play better cards. Once allies (minions) are on the battle field you then try and take out the opposing teams Hero to win the game. (Each hero has a specific amount of health points) Spells cards come in handy when you need to buff your allies or take out opponents allies. However, Wulven decided to add it’s own strategy spin on things. Regularly in TCG games you would have to attack minions before being able to attack the hero but here you can attack the Hero outright, leaving you to decide whether it is smart to attack early on and let your own Hero take all of the damage, or prepare for the long game and attack opponents minions to preserve your Hero’s hit points. The game looks great visually and it is easy to sink hours of time in, with such smooth gameplay mechanics. There were a couple of issues with the game, one time we experienced some lag while playing against the AI, it almost seemed to have froze mid attack, however the problem did fix itself eventually, and we were even able to finish that game. We suggest putting the speed all the way to 4, that seemed to help a lot when waiting for things such as card drawing and battle sequences. Our other complaint was the size of the cards on the screen. I could barely make out what some of the cards were and I had to do a bunch of extra tapping to see a full size image, but we were also playing on an iPhone and the size may be more suited for an iPad.

Boosters and card packs can be purchased in the shop using gold that can be earned through game play or crystals which can be purchased with real money. (Don’t worry it is only $2.00 for a booster pack) And finally, there is an extensive multiplayer mode. Duel with people you have never met and see how your custom deck stacks up to others, there is even talks of physical tournaments taking place.  For more info, on the physical tournaments  check out their website.(

photo 2

Overall 4.6 ****Pure Genius****

If you are a TCG fan you should definitely download this game on your phone. Great depth along with the uniqueness and the glory of customizing your own deck cannot be beat. Add in the fact that the multiplayer mode is competitive and  physical tourney’s are starting, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you.

Line of Defense Tactics….Something Different

Line of Defense, a strategy game at the heart, and an rpg on a deeper level. This game is quite possibly something you could spend hours playing, and that is only from customizing your squad, actual gameplay will take you even further. In LODT You get to control a squad by tap and drag gestures. You move along maps on foot or by vehicle in rare instance to complete certain objectives. Each soldier can be customized, everything from primary to secondary weapons, or even things such as certificates, which act more like special skills that the soldier can use. ( i.e.-deploying a turret)

photo 4

For those of you out there that are “hardcore gamers” good news, at the start there are two different game options for you to choose from. One is clearly for me (beginner) and the other is a hardcore mode. There is also a skirmish mode, which seems to be more like a survival mode, unfortunately you have to pay $1.99 for this game mode.

While this game is certainly a different type of game than what we are used to seeing on the IOS market, it does unfortunately suffer from some downfalls. One of those being that controls are not as fine tuned as they should be. This game is offering something different with the drag and drop controls, however I found that I would prefer the tap and go movement more (which is offered luckily) The units were also difficult to tap on individually and it is confusing to know which unit you have selected in the midst of combat. Furthermore, the in app purchases are not helping this game in any way. Really 1.99 for a game mode? Felt a little deceptive to me. Luckily there seems to be ways to earn credit through the patience and play so that you can upgrade your arsenal of weapons, skills, and armor.

3.1 **Average**

This game is definitely something that will capture many that are interested in a strategy/rpg offering. However the controls and IAP’s really hold it back. Check this game out if you want intriguing strategy mixed with rpg elements.