Craving some Flappy Bird but deleted it already? Check out this Flappy Bird MMO for the computer.

photo (1) (FlappyBird for the iphone, in case you forgot)

If you are having some deep regrets because you deleted Flappy Bird  after it was taken off the shelves, then we might have something to help cure your addiction. Try out this  game called Flapmmo, where you can compete side by side against others and test your skill. This game comes stocked with a server leader (who has made it the furthest), as well as how many you are competing with. You can even see where your openents fail, and feel better or worse about your score. Enjoy Flapmmo here:


CubeTrek 2… Fun to play, without the pain!

It is time for a new addiction! One that gives you more of a reward than the trials of Flappy Bird (RIP) Cube Trek 2 is a great game to play that involves more strategy than one would expect. The purpose of the game is to collect as many coins in the allotted time that is given while hopping from cube to cube. Timing is key as the coins are constantly moving and it will be up to you when to time the Jumps.  AFA Studios has done a really good job in rounding out the game with impressive visuals and a pretty art style paintings.

photo 4  

     OVERALL- 3.8 **Smart**

CubeTrek 2 is a great game to pick up and play any time! You should definitely download it and try it out. It is free and it is quite fun! Controls aren’t too bad to get the hang of and once you do you will be hooked. This game is definitely a game for anyone looking to fill a hole left by Flappy Bird and is a much more rewarding experience than what was previously mentioned.

Think you can beat our score? Tweet us a screenshot @pureplaayz

Think you can beat our score? Tweet us a screenshot @pureplaayz

Of all the mistakes we make in life….this one of the largest….Flappy Bird Review

So while we have been gone we have seen the popularity of an app. called Flappy Bird grow to insurmountable proportions. Are you telling me that this game is so popular that everyone in my circle has it on their phone? NO! Of course not, however it is designed to keep you craving for more. Flappy Bird seems like an innocent, lighthearted bird however it has a dark secret. That dang bird wants to eat all of your time away giving you some tiny glint of hope that you can beat your high score yet all the while that smug little bird is sucking out your soul.


Shocked that I gave it a 3? Well don’t be, this game is frustrating but we have to admit that most of us have spent hours of gameplay time trying to crush our high score over and over again, yes instead props to the developers, and good luck to everyone out there that still has it on their phone.