Honorbound review! JuiceBox Games’ stunning rpg for IOS….

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If there is one type of game that we would like to see more of on the mobile market it would be the turn based rpg. Golden Sun for Gameboy Advanced was our “jam” back in the day. It has been great to see some of the Final Fantasy games to hit the app store but we are were still looking for something completely new and “fresh” to sink our teeth into. If you are a gamer that share some of the same “cravings” that we do, then look no further, Juice Box Games has created an rpg that we can all enjoy.

Honorbound is deeper than one might think. Upon opening up the game you realize pretty quickly that Juiceboxs’ mobile offering is not paper thin (like some other apps). In fact this game is probably one of the deepest games we have played in a while.
Honorbound gives you the option of selecting what type of Hero you want to start with. All of the normal Heroes are offered but they also include a few renditions of their own. It is certainly nice to see game developers breaking the trend of the same 4 or 5 Heroes. (Don’t get me wrong, the warrior class will always have a special place in our hearts). You can also summon allies that are “captured” in battle, this adds a whole new level of depth to the game because you can customize them as well.(Its also cool seeing what other players use as allies in pvp mode) Once you have selected a Hero you go through a “tutorial level”. This level is great because it teaches you how to play, but also lays down the plot-line. That’s another great thing, you actually feel like your accomplishing something and moving forward throughout the game with an intriguing storyline, you aren’t just “grinding” your way to a final boss.

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The combat in the game works the same as most other turn based strategy games,  Heroes and allies, versus  enemies and each side takes a turn using a skill or choosing an enemy to attack. This same type of combat system is used in pvp mode as well, except the opponents are stronger and more skilled than the regular AI. By defeating other players you can earn gold as well as xp. We did have our qualms with the matching system for pvp, it seemed that to often we would be matched up against players that were a higher level than us. (The game gives you an option of 3 different users that you can choose to battle and every time you back out of a battle lobby it uses an energy point which takes time to replenish.)

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Wondering about skills and what not? Don’t worry, this game comes loaded with unique abilities to master and different skills to level up. Obviously you want your Hero trained for battles, but there are many other perks that should also be trained such as: more energy, a higher percentage gold, and the abilities to train your allies. You can train these abilities through researchers. The higher the level of skill that they are training the longer it will take to train them. (of course you can speed this up by using diamonds aka, in game currency)  We won’t touch on everything here, so you should go download the game. (This game offers great variety)

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Unfortunately the one area that we feel is held back is the energy system. Whenever you move across a map an energy point is used. Now we know developers have to make money, we just wished that it wasn’t in the form of IAP’s.(one price fits all) Great news is that your energy level can be increased by training, and you can earn “diamonds” by gaining achievements. (though there are few) Though this system isn’t ideal, it shouldn’t stop you from downloading the game.

Overall: ****Pure Genius****

Honorbound is an awesome game that offers a lot of depth and great story “freshness” to the rpg market. Fun battles, powerful Heroes and great pvp will keep you entertained. If you are craving an rpg that fits in your pocket, then you should check this game out!


Time to go huntin’…..Deer Hunter 2014 Review…

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Grab your guns, boys it’s is time to go hunting’. As someone that was born an raised in the Big City, hunting, was never really my thing. You want me to milk a cow? Nope. Want me to load up hay bales? Nope. Want me to go fishing on our property? Impossible, I live in an apartment.

Breaking away from the generalizations and stereo types of farm boys and city boys (don’t worry I was just trying to be funny) Let’s talk about DH14. I have been hunting maybe one time in my life, and I can’t say that I enjoyed it. (It seemed like fishing except without water, which was the only thing that made fishing fun) And add to the fact that if there was the game to play in the arcade, my coins were not going to the Deer Hunter Game. (what was it cruising’ USA) But I digress, what we have here in DH14 is a true gem. My first thought when downloading the game was to add some diversity to the blog, but then I saw the graphics, and the controls were nicely done, and I ended up spending an hour, then two, then I had to rest (games form of IAP’s) to regain energy but then I was playing again. DH14 has some of the best visuals, but also offers some challenging and rewarding gameplay. The game plays as one would figure, you look down through the scope  of a gun and try and hit whichever “game” animal, that the objective is pointing you to. The game uses a side to side motion as if you are on rails, which seems to work for this game.(I normally like to be able to free roam but here it surprisingly it hindered.)

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DH14 has multiple classes of weapons you can choose from including, shotguns, rifles, and assault rifles. These each have customizable features such as, increase stability, weapon zooms ect. I will say that sometimes for the higher level guns it screams IAP. They want you to spend real money to get better guns and more energy (so you can keep hunting) however there are still quite a few guns that don’t require money as well.

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IAP’s are softened by fun challenges that you can partake in, as well as a variety of different game animals to kill. You earn money by completing different matches (which may have different gun requirements) In one challenge I found myself hunting at night, and the objective was to kill the game with a shot through the heart. (Well you’re to late; you give love a bad name) Shots like this require skill and infrared vision. Infrared vision is a great way to hook players and adds a fun challenge to those who desire it. Also, if you want to take on more of an exotic type of game, don’t worry they have those too. Hunt everything from Deer, to Grizzlies, in this fantastic experience.

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 **Pure Genius** (4.6)

With graphics that will surely make your jaw drop, Deer Hunter 2014 is a great hunting experience even for people like me that consider themselves pure city boys. Even if you don’t like hunting for that matter you should check this game out!

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Lawless Review….A crime to play

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Guns, Chicks, Ammo, Money, this game has all the potential in the world, yet Lawless still manages to un-impress. Love playing Time Crisis 3 in the arcade? Well that is exactly what the game plays like. (For the most part). Look, I loved Time Crisis, however I was like 12 and there was a much larger screen and also a toy gun, in this game you just point and shoot. It is honestly the same controls as Time Crisis save for a couple of bells and whistles that lawless adds in. Some of the perks in game were things like purchasing cool new guns, (They have a whole host) there is a leveling system and perhaps the coolest of all the treats is the fact that you can actually play with a crew. In the game you are new to the streets and you have to kill your way to the top. As you go on in the game you earn money to buy things as I mentioned before, and then you can hire members of your crew.(This let’s all the wanna-be-gangsta’s out there become truly hardened criminals)  A crew member may posses different abilities for instance, one may heal you in battle, and another member of your crew may throw grenades at enemies ect.; there is also a buddy system in which you can partner up with another real person and battle together. (We haven’t delved into this aspect, and pretty for sure that it is just like having an NPC play but for the fact the name is different and the person may be better equipped.)

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The in game graphics are probably one of the brightest spots in the game. Taking cover reloading, and shooting at the enemies look pretty cool, and there are some great sounds to go along with the game. The game also tries to grab players interest by adding special objectives, such as kill enemies in under a minute or only use this type of weapon, which are pretty challenging feats, however I still can’t get past how boring it was because of the control scheme. I guess that is where this game falls short for me, is the fact that the duck and cover system is to simplified to…uncreative and uninspired. I want to be able to move around freely from checkpoint to checkpoint and not press one button on the screen and auto run to that point. Another bummer about this game is the IAP’s. From the get go I saw that there were several guns that I wouldn’t be able to use unless I spent a huge amount of time on this game, or spent straight cash (homey). I feel that there could be a better way to do that instead of this system. While this game is not all that it could be, I’m sure someone out there will enjoy it.

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**Average** (3)

Lawless does make a few attempts at putting a fresh spin on an old game, add on great graphics, and great sound, and you have a game that might keep you interested for a bit. However for every good thing this game does I feel that it is equally if not more, held back.

Just in case you missed it, play this game…..Dead Trigger 2 review

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First it was pirates, then it was vampires, and now the new fad? ZOMBIES, Zambies, Zambinos. Are you craving to play a game that will give you a zombie killing rpg experience at the palm of your hands? Are you tired of dreaming of which character you would be on The Walking Dead ? Do you just want extra practice for the Zom-pocalyspe? Then Dead Trigger 2 is your game! While no, this game won’t give you “cut-throat” decisions to make like in our beloved zombie tv series, and no you won’t actually learn any true “survival skills”, you will have a blast playing this game! DT2 does run back the same tried and true story line, there are zombies and you have to kill them but thats ok, because thats what we want. You play this game in first person, going along in corridor type fashion (in most cases), blasting and hacking “biters” to death. (or re-dead, dead again? Not sure)

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DT2 is not only an on rails shooter type of game either, there are specific mini-game missions you can play, such as, sniping zambini’s that are trying to take over your home base, this creates a fresh take to keep the players interest.

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Killing zombies and running through a map, definitely left me feeling like I was playing “BLOPS”(Black Ops) Zombie games, which was a pretty cool feeling, though they have indeed created a port for mobile. While on the missions “walkers” will drop cash that you can use to upgrade weapons, make health boosts, and even upgrade the level of all the people that make your gear in the game.(don’t forget ‘dem nades!) I personally love this rpg element, it gives the game good depth, and makes me go back for more. Look, after all is said and done, you have to give it to Unity (Madfinger) for delivering another truly excellent game here one that will quickly become a classic. Another factor that adds to the glory of this game, the graphics. Nothing feels better than running up to a zombie and bashing them in the face with a wrench than with a clear, crisp view.

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Controls you ask? DT2 has a system that really has it down pat, instead of trying to move and shoot and aim with a virtual stick and button all at the same time, the geniuses at Unity went with a simpler system that paid off, for this game you simply move with a virtual stick and aim. While this control scheme takes away from the ability to use scope weapons (kind of) it really nails it from a different perspective, and that is simplicity. One downfall to the game are the IAP’s. No it absolutely doesn’t affect the gameplay too horrifically, but there are times when you wish your upgrades were done immediately,instead of having to wait, but other than that no biggie, you can also buy cool things like extra money drops, extra damage ect. if you willing to fork over the real dough for it.  If you are thirsty for a zombie packed adventure, then you should definitely give this game a try.

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4.8 **Pure Genius**

 Dead Trigger 2 is a great game made in the absolute perfect time. Splendid graphics, streamlined easy to use controls, fun hack and shoot gameplay, makes this game worth the space, and worth the time it takes to download it.

Smash Bandits Review….(kind of a wreck)


I am pedal to the metal for games that are innovative, creative, and new….no doubt about it. Smash Bandits seems like it has all the makings for something like that, something new, fun and exciting, yet if falls flat. I think there are many mobile gamers are out there  hungry for something that involves the same mechanics and gameplay as Burnout or Twisted Metal (Man do I miss those games) but this isn’t it. Smash Bandit is a game in which you are tasked with staying away from the cops, and causing as much mayhem as possible. While hightailing it from the popo the environment destructible and it is your job to destroy as many things as possible and the larger the object you destroy the higher your TV ratings go, thats right TV ratings. You are being filmed by a sky copter and you have to keep the audience’s attention or else they will get bored and watch the 50th rerun of Everybody Love Raymond.  In the game you are given a vehicle, you can buy different vehicles (there isnt a huge selection), upgrade the vehicle and buy power-ups. (Some cost real money, which is a bummer) Smash Bandits does try and add a cool flare to the game by adding the A-Team van and even add a mini storyline (ish) to the game.

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The real issue I have with the game is the fact that you have to play vertically the whole time. (gives the game some sort of cheap feeling to me)  To add to the strange positioning of the phone, the whole control system seems gimmicky. You have to hold the accelerate button down then swipe my finger in the direction I want my car to go, it just doesn’t make hitting objects fun or easy. (You hit many objects in the game, just not the ones you want) The game seems shallow and I didnt really want to play it more than 10 mins, but if you are a completionist there is plenty of things to do.

"I pity the" people that play this game

“I pity the” people that play this game


Mediocre graphics, Sketch Controls, Shallow Gameplay, and IAP’s hamper what could have been a really fun game idea. While there is some fun to be had for some of you, i feel that most should not waste the space on Smash Bandits.

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Embrace your inner Sensei….Clumsy Ninja Review

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As a former black belt myself (starting this post off with a lie), I have come to appreciate art forms that allow you to become a better karate master. In this game you can become a Sensei (kind of) and you help your “clumsy” ninja train. As you train your ninja, he/she eventually gets better and better at…you nailed it…..karate. Many people will enjoy this game, the ninja, for all intents and purposes, is a cute little guy that reacts to whichever way you swipe the screen. There were many times when I accidentally swiped my finger across the phone quickly which sent my Ninja flying across the environment, so I tried not to do that to many times because I felt bad, but then there were also those times when I really just wanted to throw something, and I picked him. (Don’t worry I felt remorse afterwards).

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There are many ways to train your ninja, from jumping on a trampoline, to kicking a punching bag and ect., each of these things give your ninja experience points and with those you can level up and your ninja is less clumsy. There are unlockable items, belts, outfits, gear other what not that can all be purchased with patience!!!!! (or with real money, but come on just wait for like a week!) At the end of the day there are several fun activities for you to do with your Ninja such, purchasing balloons and tying them to your ninja to watch him float, ect. however I  was just bored with it after about 15 mins of playing. This game will be great for some, but for those that want a deeper game, this one isn’t for you.

He is the real sensei

He is the real sensei

Overall Score: **Smart** (3.5 out of 5)

This game will keep many people entertained for a good long while, however if you are like me and want something different, then it won’t. While there are many fun “goals” for you to accomplish, it just feels to repetitive. It is nice that the game is free on the app store, but the in app purchases are pretty large. The graphics are great and the controls are responsive! If you just want a quick smile or have some sort or weird ninja obsession (which is totally different from my Batman obsession) Then check this game out.

Looks like Zelda, Plays like Zelda, NOT Zelda..Oceanhorn review


Alright everyone,

Time for Pure Playz first app review! And guess what? No better way to kick off the review of by far one of the most historic games ever to hit the app market. (Bold words for our first review)

Here is the deal, apps and mobile gaming is the “future” of gaming, and for a while I think the market has hit a plateau of sorts, that is of course until I was immersed in a beautiful world full of color, game-play that was deep, and a story-line that was impressive, not only for mobile devices but could rival console gaming. I harp on this because I am excited, ecstatic, and yes impatient, for the current mobile gaming market to become everything that I know it can be!

Battle through several exciting dungeons!

Battle through several exciting dungeons!

Cornfox&Bro, and FDG have made a masterpiece in “Oceanhorn: Monster of the uncharted Seas” For starters the beginning scene is that of an older wise traveler leaving a journal for his son, and protagonist of the story (you). He speaks of a violent past in which he lost his wife (your mom) and how he must go on a journey to protect you. Enter you a wide eyed pre-teen rearing for adventure! Grab your sword and your shield and be ready to battle all sorts of creatures in an exciting world full of mystery, dungeons, puzzles, and adventure. The game starts you off on a pretty much deserted island (aside from an older man who essentially becomes your mentor and a few badies you get to slice up.) This is more or less how the ecosystem of the game works, you can travel by ship to various island, many of which include towns with shops, as well as dungeons for you to explore. Traveling from one island to another is yet another thing that Cornfox&Bro nailed creatively. Instead of hitting you with a plain load screen, they have made sailing into a great mini game of sorts allowing you to collect items, shoot bombs at barrels that block your way, battle sea monsters ect. Oh the creativity!

Intense and exciting action!

  Intense and exciting action!

Graphics: 5 out of 5

No this isn’t Zelda and you are not playing on a Wii, it is indeed an iphone. It is easy to confuse the games, especially in this area. Graphics are colorful and crisp. Easily one of the top gaming graphics on the IOS market.

Gameplay: 5 out of 5

Want a thrilling adventure and multiple hours of gameplay (around 10hrs) in the palm of your hands? Want something interesting to do with out the repitiion of a pick and play? With monsters to battle and dungeons to explore, you can lose yourself in this world!

Sounds: 5 out of 5

A peaceful rhythm plays in the background as you explore this universe, to go along with great voice acting during cut scenes give this game some added flare.

Controls: 5 out of 5

I know that one of the larger concerns about a mobile game are the controls, well not anymore. Cornfox&Bros have figured out a way to master the controls on this game, the virtual game pad causes no problems at all. Movement is responsive and the action button works perfectly.

Price: 5 out of 5 

Don’t worry a higher score means that it is an affordable price. $8.99 for a game that can rival those which can be found on consoles, is not a bad deal at all, the beautiful thing no IAP’s (in app purchases)

Overall Score: **PURE GENIUS** (5 out of 5)

Look by now you should know this game is unlike any other game on the IOS. If you want a peek at the future of mobile gaming then you need to download this game. Oceanhorn will keep you enthralled in dungeons, puzzles, and an epic story-line for hours.


The world of mobile gaming is growing substantially around the world. As mobile gaming continues to grow developers are sinking more and more money into their products, and making games that have better graphics, intense story-lines, and fantastic multiplayer. Space, price, and time are all things that are valuable to gamers, so we want to make sure you use them all wisely! Follow us here so that you can get the latest reviews on popular apps in the App Store <^^>

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